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Oh yeah, guess who just beat Red in Soul Silver with a team of level 65 Pokemon on his first try? That's right, this guy.

I started out by sending out Espeon, and used Sunny Day to get rid of that frigging blizzard effect of his. Of course, then his Pikachu almost one shots my Espeon and I know I'm in trouble. Luckily I was able to get out Quagsire, who proceeded to one shot said Pikachu with earthquake after surviving a quick attack and an iron tail. Next out was Venusuar, and my Typhlosion made mince meat out of it, thanks in part to Sunny Day. Okay, I think, Quagsire's a little beat up, and Espeon's almost out, but I'm actually doing really well.

Then out comes Blastoise.

Now, I send out my Venusaur first, who manages to be fast enough to hit Blastoise with a one turn Solar Beam and almost take him out. Blastoise then proceeds to smash both Venusaur and Ampharos into the ground with a combo of blizzard and some new super water move. Still, I don't think all is lost, since Blastoise is almost in the red. That said, I send out Crobat and start Poison Fanging, at which point Red full heals and smashes Crobat into the ground. Luckily Quagsire gives me a turn to get Ampharos healed up before fainting as well, and Ampharos manages to paralyze Blastoise and Discharge it into submission, though he only survived at one point thanks to his Lax Incense. Okay, I think, that was really rough, but perhaps the worst is over.

Then he sends out Snorlax.

Yeah, long story short my guys can barely make a scratch on this beast. There was a point where I'd had my whole team unloading attacks into it, and having it just soak them up, and it probably KOed all of my guys that I sent out at least once. Even after paralyzing it with Ampharos and pounding it down with Espeon, Typlosion, and Venusaur, it still wasn't enough, and naturally Red fully restored Snorlax when I'd almost won. This was the point where I decided to get smart, and sent out Venusaur. A Leech Seed and Sludge Bomb combo ripped badly into Snorlax's health, and while he took out Venusaur, I was able to get Quagsire back out there and finish him off. (Note that while Venusaur was poisoning and Leech Seeding Snorlax, he managed to dodge two blizzards in a row. The attacks didn't miss, he evaded) Now surely I had to be over the hill, right?

No, now I had to deal with Lapras. Lapras proceeded in two turns to trash Venusaur and Ampharos, forcing me to use Quagsire to stall, constantly switching between Quagsire and Ampharos. Luckily I finally got enough time to get a yawn in before Lapras finished off Quagsire, and Ampharos took Lapras out in turn. Which means Red's only got one Pokemon left!

Of course, that Pokemon was Charizard, who trashed Ampharos, Quagsire, and Typhlosion in short order without any of them getting a hit on him. The only damage it was taking was from its own Flare Blitz attacks, and I was alternatively reviving Typhlosion and Quagsire just to stay alive. Luckily, Red made the mistake of giving me just enough time to revive Espeon, who was just fast enough to get off a critical Psychic and clinch the match for me.

So yeah, needless to say my team is taking a well deserved rest now. They really pulled through there.
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