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Well that was fun. So I finally got to play my PSP a little today, then went to charge it and found out I was missing half the charger. Not the adapter, I still had that, but the actual cable that plugs into the outlet and the adapter to forge that beautiful electric connection. So after about an hour of fruitless searching, a call to my little sister, and commiserating to the lovely [ profile] lynxgriffin, I was about to give up all hope when I tried a last desperate maneuver of plugging my PSP adapter into my PS2 cord, and low and behold it actually worked. Now I just have to pray it doesn't explode.

Some days I feel like MacGyver with ADD.
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For those who've been talking to me lately, sorry for being such a sad panda. I'm trying to revitalize my outlook right now to be more positive and less indulgently negative, and since I think one of the major sources of stress may be resolved soon hopefully I'll be able to once again find my center. The basic problem I think has been a lack of positive progress in my job front, and over indulgence in my own frustration. Hopefully with this latest problem being resolved and the fact that I've finally gotten a therapist for this anxiety disorder I'll be able to break this funk.

Well, maybe not quiet yet, but the next step is to find a part time job in my area so I'm not driving at least three hours a week, and I have a bit more consistency. Of course, I utterly loath job hunting, so we'll see how that goes. I just wish I didn't feel so drained and irritable all the time, I can't imagine that's pleasant to deal with. Fell off the RP bandwagon again too, and I still feel like I'm barely seeing anyone outside Prime and my family. Still, gotta be positive. I'm not going to be homeless, and that's a definite good thing. I also do have a long term plan for if I cannot get a job, namely go for a PHD. Hey, it's not perfect, but it'll cover me for five years. Still, I'd like to actually teach and feel like I'm contributing something, I just need to figure out how to get my foot in the door.

Oh right, Activity Check. Gotta do that too, if it's not already too late.

Just gotta think happy thoughts.

New thought: I think part of the problem might be caffeine. My therapist warned me that it could have adverse effects on my condition, and I tend to drink it most over the weekend when I get bleh. Alright, looks like I'm not getting anymore caffeine. We'll see how that goes.
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Man, never thought I'd get mad about a video game I've never played in a series I've only briefly played, but I guess blatant sexism utterly derailing one of the earliest and greatest female video game heroes of all time will do that for me. My only consolation is that apparently Metroid Other M didn't sell that well in America, and since we're the ones who are the biggest audience for the games, maybe Nintendo will take the freaking hint.

Seriously, expect a longer rant once I'm done with my nine/maybe thirteen day work week, because this pisses me off and highlights just how ingrained sexism still is in world media.
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Happy Feast of the Unconquered Sun!

Now, who's up for singing drunk and naked in the streets while gambling and feasting?
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This post is really opinionated, has not been carefully edited, and contains triggers for sexual assault and rape. I just...needed to get this off my chest, but I accept given the extremely sensitive nature of the topic and the fact that I have not given this the careful editing it deserves that I may have made many mistakes and flawed assumptions, and therefore I invite those far more knowledgeable than I on this subject to point out anything I may have gotten wrong or caused harm with in my zeal. Really, I think this is more a chance to educate myself than anything.

Finally, please, if this post causes emotional harm to anyone on my flist because of the contents, please let me know and I will take it down.

Thoughts on why our society has such a backwards view on sexual assault, and something that obviously needs to stop hasn't )

Note: Decided to un-friends lock it for now. I changed my opener to reflect that.
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Man, what a weird coincidence. I was reading TV Tropes this afternoon, instead of all the other stuff I should have been doing -_-, and somehow ended up on the deconstruction page, which dedicates plenty of space to all the myriad ways all the happy optimistic stuff I grew up with has been deconstructed (what stood out the most to me was the Federation from Star Trek), which was a little depressing but hey I can't expect everyone to enjoy or product only what I like, and then by random whim I happened to go to VG Cats, and they had a new comic up, shocking in and of itself, that actually was about the same thing I was feeling, namely the seeming demise of speculative science fiction.


Though I have to admit, I would like to see an attempt at deconstruction all the darker and edgier "realistic" stories that when you look closely probably have as many problems as the cheerful optimistic ones. I'll bet it'll happen in another decade or so, it'll be interesting to see.
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"I now want an anime about Charles Darwin flying a giant robot to fight religious fundamentalists and the Kansas Board of Education."


Oh Second City Chat...
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Bad news: My car started making funny noises today which will likely result in me spending lots of money I don't have.

Good news: I was able to switch it for my brother's car so I don't have to spend time I don't have.

Bad news: That meant after work today I had to spend three hours I planned to spend on errands driving across the state to switch out the cars.

I must say, this post college world thing? Not what it's been cracked up to be.
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So I was reading random livejournals, and stumbled across a meme that said, "Look to your right, whatever you see is your weapon for the zombie invasion."

The only thing to the right of me are my sword and my sword cane.

Sometimes it rocks to be me.
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First day of substitute teaching done. Running on two hours of sleep. Speaking in incomplete sentences. Send...caffeine.
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So, this weekend I watched the original theatrical version of Star Wars with Prime (Yeah, that's right, I bought the theatrical versions of the DVDs even though I already had the special edition DVDs. As far as I'm concerned it's an investment in my children seeing good movies).

You know, I was worried that since I basically have it memorized the movies would lose some of their impact, but they totally didn't. I found myself smiling and laughing and cheering like I rarely do at most movies. Man, I'm really glad it holds up so amazingly well.

I should go get the Wrath of Khan DVD and watch that too.
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Not sure which is more amusing, that Lt. Surge has a level 58 electric squirrel that is absolutely adorable, or that I just traded him a Pikachu named Sergeant Shocker.
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Today I got up at 6 am. Since then i've dug two four foot deep holes in solid rock, cut metal rebar into 12 places, mixed several batches of concrete, drilled together posts, and lugged 80 pound bags. I still have three more days to go.

This counts as exercise right?
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So, I've been reading a lot of Nuzlocke comics lately, and I'm sort of tempted to try for my own. Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, Nuslocke is a type of challenge whereby you play a game of Pokemon according to certain rules. Those rules are all faintings are permanent (either via releasing or just keeping them in a box permanently), and you're only allowed to catch the first pokemon you see on any given route or cave. Also, you need to give all the Pokemon you catch nicknames. Many people have recorded down their experiences as comics or text stories which are often highly entertaining.

Now, as my artistic skills are seriously lacking, and I have enough writing projects as it is, I'm tempted to keep a journal relating my experiences. We'll see if I actually get around to it, or if this will be yet another project left to the dustbin, but I already have a Sapphire Emulator and decided my first pokemon will be a Treeko named Marlowe.

Also need to write Chapter Four of How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sparklepire.
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People of America who consider burning Qur'an and attempting to deny American Citizens their right to freedom of worship, allow me to explain to you why 9/11 was so horrible. 9/11 was an act of cold and brutal violence, a act that emerged out of a way of thinking that embraced intolerance and hatred in ignorance of the values of the religion it claimed to be championing. It was directed at innocent people who had nothing to do with the causes of their attackers anger, and were merely picked as a effective scapegoat for directing a rage that was consuming their attackers from the inside. It was conceived of through hatred, and carried out through hatred, and it left so many scars and holes in the lives of people in this country who had done nothing wrong other than to try and live their lives as best they could. It was selfish, ignorant, brutal, and cowardly.

Now, your response to this act, ten years after it has happened, is to let yourselves embrace intolerance and hatred in ignorance of the values of the religion you claim to be championing. I am not a Muslim, and while I have the deepest respect for that faith I cannot speak to greatly on its virtues. I am, however, a Christian, the faith many of you claim to uphold, as well as an America, whose values you claim to be fighting for, as well as whose citizens you are attacking with your ignorant bigotry. Christianity is built first and foremost on the principles of forgiveness, and setting aside your own needs and desires for the well being of others. Jesus was not vague on this, this is not some archaic rule located alongside a ban on wearing cotton ties, he was very very specific. Turning the other cheek is the line everyone remembers, but there are many others, including an entire sermon about how loudly broadcasting your own piety to show how you are superior to others is foolish and wrong. How many of you have read the Bible without ever understanding it is beyond me. As an American, we embrace the values of freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. We believe as a nation that everyone has a right to express themselves as they see fit, as long as exercising that right does not impinge on the rights of others. This is right in the constitution, within the first few amendments, and right now it is not the law abiding Americans who practice the Muslim faith who are in violation of this, it is you. You are causing harm by your words, poisoning the unity of this nation, and the ability of its citizens to feel comfortable within its society. You are causing deep and possibly irreparable harm in your need to find a way to express your anger, hate, or sense of superiority.

The hijackers on 9/11 did not murder so many people simply because they were Muslim, but because of complex political issues of disenfranchisement and oppression that resulted in deep hatreds without outlet, which were given rational through the twisting of religious values into something ugly and hateful. Now you are doing the same. It is true you are not killing anyone, and in that way alone you are superior to the terrorists, but do you really think 'at least we did not murder anyone' is a good platform for moral superiority? Burning a book is a childish and destructive act, like breaking another child's favorite toy because you are mad at them, but unlike a favorite toy, this book the Qur'an is of incalculable importance, and in burning it you are attacking your fellow American's spirituality. You are harming their very souls. There is nothing redeemable about what you are doing, it is a pure act of hatred meant only to satisfy your own selfish needs at the cost of an emotional and cultural healing in this country. You are not helping the victim's families by celebration, and yes, that is what you seem to be doing, the violence and hatred so similar to the one that took their loved ones from them. Perhaps some of you did lose family members, and you have my deepest sympathies for your loss, it is one I cannot imagine, but how is inflicting harm on other innocent people who have done absolutely nothing to harm you in any way honoring your loved one's memories?

I recall seeing an account by the Mayor of New York of a conversation he had with a soldier who had just returned from Iraq, where this soldier said he was fully in support of the building of the Mosque near Ground Zero. He pointed out that Americans of the Muslim faith are currently fighting for their country in every theater of war, that our soldiers are fighting to end systematic encouragement of cruelty and ignorance directed at other groups purely because they are different from the majority, and to uphold our own values of freedom of religion and speech. When you allow yourself to indulge in ignorance and hatred of others, and chose to express that ignorance and hatred through a act that is purely destructive, not constructive, you are putting a stain of shame on your religion, your country, and the service of those who have fought for your freedom. It is the height of selfishness, pettiness, and ingratitude. Destruction of literature is never something I condone, but here you are not just setting fire to a book, or an idea, but to the faith of countless Americans, and while you will never extinguish their faith, you will leave deep scars on the psyche of this nation.

I pray that you will one day see how much true harm you are causing, and step back from the brink that you currently stand on. All that lays beyond this is the sort of violence that we experienced on 9/11.
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Title: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sparklepire Chapter 3
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen, Dresden Files/Twilight crossover
SPOILERS: Story takes place following The Dresden Files: Proven Guilty and the second Twilight book I think.
Summary: Harry and Thomas take a little road trip.

Folksy small town charm. It's overrated. )

Chapter 1, Chapter 2
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Comic books I'm reading/am interested in at the moment.


The latest Blue Beetle run

Power Girl

Booster Gold books

Scott Pilgrim

Birds of Prey

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Hello from New Hampshire folks. Man this is nice and relaxing, I may even take a nap. Of course, given I'm being taken hiking and rock climbing over the next few days I should probably take advantage of this while I can. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I got into a wrestling match with a bear, so you shouldn't worry too much.

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