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Hey, so anybody else survive yesterday? Man, all I have to say is thank god for Zombie plans, it really does pay to be prepared. I’m currently typing this with the last of my laptops power, hunched inside my Yaris in some back road in New Hampshire. Man what a day, do you guys have any idea how hard it is to swing a crowbar and drive at the same time? Anyway, my luck started improving when I found those Zombie cops, and got the jump on them. Although I used up most of my shotgun’s ammo going through Groton, god I hate that place. Still, nice and rural, so fewer big zombie concentrations.

I figure I’ll press on to Hamilton later today and set up shop there. Can’t beat a bunch of isolated concrete bunkers on a hill in the middle of nowhere for this situation. Plus, more than enough food for me and Sammy, hopefully I can meet up with Nick and Kristin. Now I just wish my mom’s iPod had a slightly more appropriate music selection, what with all the radios being down. I mean I guess Whitney Huston, Cheryl Crow, and Christmas songs are fine for certain situations, but they don’t really fit the Zombieacolypse too well. I’ve resorted to looping the damn Rent soundtrack, and I’ve reached the point where I actually wish they’d all just die of AIDs already.

Well I can hear the moans coming towards me, so the Zombies have found me or I’ve stumbled on a lost Hippie Commune. If any of you are still alive, I’ll see you on the flip side. Call the cell phone, I’ll be turning it on once a day to check messages.

Gotta fly!

P.S. Hey, any of you survivors with internet access should check out this site. It has some good tips.


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